Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

New Oppurtunity

Today is public holiday in Malaysia  (10th of May 2017, Wesak Day) but I have to go out. I have an appointment with someone at Bangsar. Meeting that can change my life. Hopefully. When I'm writing this, I on my way to Bangsar.

I don't think I can reveal the real purpose of this meeting until it is success. Hahaha.

Being so stress since the past two months. Start to hate myself. I feeling like I don't want to live anymore. Until to that extent! But as a believer, give up is not the solution. I don't like something like this and the best way to solve it is 'CHANGE IT'. If I don't change it the result would always be the same and I hate it.

My body also went wrong. Headache, unstable hormon, pain around my body. I hate this. I love myself and I want to be healthy. Too young to fall sick! I want to enjoy my life. I WANT TO HAVE SOMETHING CALLED LIFE.

I don't like people belittle me. I don't like talk to human also. People will node when they hear your problem but they understand nothing!

I wish that today is my day. I cannot stand with this problem anymore. God, please help  me and grant me happiness forever. Amin.

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