Khamis, 20 Julai 2017

Stop Blaming Others

People never give you a chance? People doesn't see your potential?  People doesn't trust you?
People take you for granted?

You have done your best yet no one appreciate you and you think they are the worst person?

STOP BLAMING OTHERS! Instead of just waste all your day thinking about others faults.
Spend your time to think why people doesn't see the 'gold' in you. Have you proof to them you are talented person? Have you ever trust other so that people can do the same to you? Trust is not something that fall from the sky. It's gained from time. Learn to get along with others.

People take you for granted because you allowed them to do so. Make things that make you happy. If doesn't like it tell them that you're not going to do it. Some people will accept the refusal some may not but at least you have told them. People will never know if you just keep quiet.

People tends to blame others but never acknowledge their mistakes. Sometime you need to try more harder so that people can see the potential in you. Don't just be lazy. Go to extra miles. If you have finished your work go and ask your Senior if you can be any help to them. This will grow a positive perception towards you.

It's not only about others mistakes. You're the part of the mistakes and take it positively. Learn from the mistakes because no one is perfect and because no one wants to make mistakes.

p/s: Not related to anyone

Sabtu, 8 Julai 2017

1 Year and 6 months

I have been working with my current company for 1 year and 6 months.
And currently serving for a new contract.

A lot of things happened during the time. Happy, scared and challenging.

Happy when you accomplished something like the application of client work pass is approved. Happy when you would be able to finished your task. Have a great time with collegue. Laughed together.
Having a lunch together and talk about life.

Scared because you might do something wrong and cost your client and your company.

Challenging when you need to learn and do a new things when its different from what you had done before. Challenging when you need to balance between work and study.

But mostly its good. Good employer. Good colleague. Good foods. Hehehe.

May I stay strong in future. Amin.