Ahad, 3 Jun 2018

My Goal is to Be Happy


It's been almost 6 months from my last post. Was a bit busy with classes and work.

Life is good. I passed my ACCA F4 paper. Alhamdulillah. A bit more to go. I don't want to rush anything as I need to focus on my work as well.

I went to Thailand on April. Was so happy. If I have time to share about the trip I will post it here. ;)

Ramadhan is here. The blessing month. I'm grateful that I can experience it again this year. Alhamdulillah.

You know what is the best thing about Ramadhan? When you do something bad and you know you're bad person as it's not because of Satan.

Last 6 months is not always good things happened but I'm grateful for everything. Good people. Difficult people. Those struggling. All ups and downs in life. Now I just want to be happy. The past is in the past. Whatever is coming, I will face it with patience.

How is your days? Are you happy with it?
As long  as you're alive, you should be happy. Because you're still given a chance to be alive.

May I can write more posts next time. Till next time and thank you for reading.


Jumaat, 8 Disember 2017

Jerusalem is Palestine Capital

Your recognition means nothing to us. Your maps mean nothing to us. Your embassy is as illegitimate as the occupation it seeks to legitimize.

Our land is our land. Our dignity is our dignity. Our determination is our determination. Our boycott is our boycott. Our Aqsa is our Aqsa. Our Palestine is our Palestine. 

We never had any expectations of tyrants, dictators, or stooges. 

We bow our heads only to One.

We will continue to insist on our freedom, even if the world has ceased to acknowledge it. 

#FreePalestine #HandsOffJerusalem