Rabu, 27 April 2016

Muslim and Proud


Do you love to watch X-Men? Me? Yes. I do like it. I always enjoy Sci-fi and fairy tales movies.

I like when Raven/Mystique say 'Mutant and Proud'. Despite of all ordinary human hates mutants because of their extraordinary, mutant should proud of themselves. No need to worry about others.
People will always judge you no matter how good or bad you are.

It's always hurt my feeling when people who know nothing about Islam and Muslim claimed us as terrorist. Please do not misunderstanding me. I didn't backup any terrorism. I also sad for what has happened to Paris and Brussels. Islam never support terrorism.

It's not religion fault for human wrong doings. Stop blaming religion for one human fault. They are not a Muslim if they do a terrorism action.

Stop judging.

I'm Muslim and I proud.


Selasa, 26 April 2016

Besar Pun Minta Duit Dengan Mak Ayah Lagi Kata Mereka.


Pernah tak jumpa manusia yang bila nampak kita pakai kereta, mereka akan cakap 'untungla mak ayah sponsor.' Pergi melancong sikit 'untungla mak ayah bagi duit.' Tak faham betul. Mereka ingat kerja kita mintak duit dengan mak ayah je ke? Bukannya kita tak pernah minta tapi kalau dah kerja dan berduit tak ada maknanya kita nak menyusahkan mak ayah. Kita minta masa terdesak je.

Setelah umur 14 tahun saya tak minta duit saku dari Mama saya. Sebab saya dah ada duit sendiri. Biasiswa dan income yang lain. Bila orang kata kita asyik minta duit dengan mak ayah rasa nak lempang je. Manusia, biasalah dia tak tahu jalan hidup kita tapi lagaknya seperti tahu semua benda.
Semuanya dia nak judge.

Alih-alih dia tak sedar dia pun minta duit dengan mak ayah juga. Masa tu kita nak cakap apa dekat dia. Pengajarannya, jangan suka mengata orang takut nanti terpalit diri sendiri. Okay?

Isnin, 25 April 2016

My Children Name


Yesterday was Sunday and I don't have any plan. So what I was do only watched anime and slept all day. I watched Inuyasha series. Only done to finished until episode 28th.
I don't have enough time to watch until episode 193. Will continue it again by this weekend.

The character I admiring in Inuyasha is Kikyo. I always pity her for what has happened to her.
The story line was so tragic for Kikyo and I been so emotional today when I think about Kikyo.
Why am I so childish? It just an anime Liyana! Wake up! Hold on. Let me dreaming first.

This morning I send a message to my Ustaz (a religious man). I asked him, ' Ustaz is it okay for us to put a children name not in Arabic'? He replied and said' It's okay. Not a problem as long it has a good meaning.'

And then I decided to put my future daughter name as Kikyo. Yes. This is my childish attitude.

Please don't take it serious because this is just a dream unless I'm married with Jappanesse man in future.

Bye. See you again. I was so busy with accounting, auditing and taxation job lately. Don't have enough time to update my blog.

Isnin, 4 April 2016

I Lost 1/2 kg in 2 Days

Assalamualaikum & Hello

I don't think that I've gained weight but to make sure my tummy not turn round I did this.
Nope. This type of diet not require you to starving 24 hours. So here how it goes:

A cup of milk. (Fat-free milk)
3 boiled eggs (Eat only eggs white, yolk contains high cholesterol)

Only this in the morning. Yes. Eating eggs white will prevent you from hungry.

A bread (4 pieces).
A lot of plain water.
A watermelon (I ate a lot)

A cup of milk
A bread (4 pieces)

I practiced this for 2 days and managed to lose 1/2 kgs.
Not sure if this suitable for all but nothing wrong if we try.

Bye all. Have a good days. Thank you for coming.! :D