Isnin, 25 April 2016

My Children Name


Yesterday was Sunday and I don't have any plan. So what I was do only watched anime and slept all day. I watched Inuyasha series. Only done to finished until episode 28th.
I don't have enough time to watch until episode 193. Will continue it again by this weekend.

The character I admiring in Inuyasha is Kikyo. I always pity her for what has happened to her.
The story line was so tragic for Kikyo and I been so emotional today when I think about Kikyo.
Why am I so childish? It just an anime Liyana! Wake up! Hold on. Let me dreaming first.

This morning I send a message to my Ustaz (a religious man). I asked him, ' Ustaz is it okay for us to put a children name not in Arabic'? He replied and said' It's okay. Not a problem as long it has a good meaning.'

And then I decided to put my future daughter name as Kikyo. Yes. This is my childish attitude.

Please don't take it serious because this is just a dream unless I'm married with Jappanesse man in future.

Bye. See you again. I was so busy with accounting, auditing and taxation job lately. Don't have enough time to update my blog.

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