Sabtu, 22 April 2017

Tired of Everything.

Sometimes you just want to give up. Get lost. Avoid human. Talk to nobody.

It's really upsetting when you give your everything and the best version of you but no one appreciate it.

You can do 99 correct things but in the end people will only remember the 1 mistake you done and forget the 99 correct things you had done before.

Human. Always like that.

When you do something with the good effort they think you are fake.

When you make mistake they think doing it purposely.

I learn that 'You must always looking, can never stick to one thing. Human will never appreciate you'.

I think I can trust human but again they stabbed my back. I thought they smile in front me because they like me but they are not.

I thought they speak nicely to me because they like me but they are not.

It's okay to hate me but don't pretend that you like me. :(

I'm also human. I make mistakes. If I do something wrong guide me. Don't belittle me.


Sabtu, 15 April 2017

2nd of May 2017

It's gonna be a big day for me!

You just wait for it. I stand with my words.

Nothing to lose anymore. Whatever happen, happens.

I will just go with the flow.

As a believer I know that God have decided the best for me.

There is no use to ruin your peace because of other people.