Isnin, 22 Mei 2017

Don't Afraid the Mistakes

It’s not fun making mistakes.
But however horrible it feels to make mistakes. Mistakes are the fastest way to learn and grow. We can train for months and months to learn something but to truly understand it or to make it better we have to experience mistakes. The problem with mistakes isn’t in the mistakes itself. It’s in the way how we handle it immediately after.

Don’t be embarrassed by mistakes. See it as an opportunity to grow and to be even better. Mistakes aren’t pleasant when it happens and sometimes it messes up your work or inconvenience people but it’s important to acknowledge that nobody intentionally sets out to make a mistake and that’s why it’s called a mistake and not a sabotage.

It’s highly unproductive to punish people for making mistakes. Punishing someone for their mistakes doesn’t make them reflect or analyze. In fact, a punishment only serves to overshadow the real consequence of a mistake. Even when we are truly sorry a punishment will only stop us from trying to better because we are so afraid of doing the wrong thing.
People who live in fear are highly unproductive because instead of making less mistakes they just spend all their effort trying to hide their mistakes from you. So instead of scolding or punishments tell them what they did wrong and show them how to do it right.

Don’t let mistakes be your enemy and that’s when you turn every mistakes into an opportunity.

Credit: Xandria Ooi

I like and adore Xandria Ooi



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