Isnin, 12 Disember 2016

In love with Innisfree Olive Real Skin

It's been long time I didn't care about my face until it becomes worse.
To be honest because of my careless I get a skin problem most probably because of acne and large pores. Which is before this I don't have a single of acne on my face. 

This year I already 23 years old and as we know that the older we are our skin will lost its elasticity and the worst part is WRINKLES! For women it's important to have a good skin to be more confident in public.

So to protect my skin choose Innisfree products. For now I have using more than 6 of their products but my favorite is Olive Real Skin. 

Today, I will share it with you how it works on my face. 

Until today (12th December 2016) I've been using it for almost two weeks. Magically, my pores became smaller! I like it so much! 

Not only that my face also became more moist and pimples also vanished!

So I guess I will keep using this product. Heheheh~ I have more product of Innisfree to share with you all in future. So busy this days with works. 

No worries as the price is affordable. In Malaysia, the price is MYR 57.00 with 180ml content.

So, are you the user of Innisfree?

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