Sabtu, 12 Ogos 2017

A Simple "Thank You"

You never know how a simple “thank you” can make or ruin someone day.
Don’t hesitate to say “thank you” even you hate them so much.

I learned it this week how simple words like “thank you” broke me.
It feels like people don’t appreciated you after you showed some efforts towards them.
And it more worst when they said “thank you” to other people who has done the same things as you but not to you. It made you feel you thinking like “are they despising me’’?
And I didn’t enjoy my weekend now.

I agree that being appreciated are one of the best feeling in the world and make you want to do more great things especially in your career.
Sometimes the words “thank you” are far better than monetary rewards.

P/s: Say “thank you” because it also can keep a good terms relationship. Who knows.

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